International and national news outlets cite research done by myself and Migration Observatory colleagues. Examples are listed on this page.

Print Media

7 November 2016. Migrant Focus Raises Questions Over Media’s Role in Brexit. The Financial Times

25 October 2014. The Melting Pot: Britons’ views on immigration are a perplexing blend of myth and reality. The Economist

11 February 2014. In the storm over Mark Harper, another immigrant to this country has been dehumanised and forgotten. The Independent

8 August 2013. Daily Mail and Express call immigrants ‘illegal’ in 10% of articles on migration. The Guardian

7 August 2013. Study finds that ‘illegal’ is word most likely to be used by UK newspapers to describe immigrants. The Press Gazette

Online Media

28 August 2015. The battle over the words used to describe migrants. BBC News Magazine

21 January 2015. Hard Evidence: how has press coverage of immigration changed? The Conversation UK

10 October 2014. What Are We Talking About When We Talk About Migrants? The Migrationist

18 August 2014. ‘Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves’ How the Press Demonised Romanians. The Huffington Post UK

25 September 2013. Study: media dehumanises immigrants, creates false crises. Wired Magazine

18 September 2013. The most common word used to describe immigrants is ‘illegal’New Statesman

8 August 2013. Immigration Coverage Dominated by the Word ‘Illegal’, Major Study of Newspapers Finds. The Huffington Post UK